Pre-order your Florida childhood cancer specialty license plate!

Kids are fighting cancer daily. Spread awareness with your Florida specialty license plate, and help fund childhood cancer clinical trials and research!

Here's how the Florida specialty plate pre-order process works:

The childhood cancer license plate has been authorized by Florida legislature. Production begins once 3,000 pre-sale vouchers are sold. You can purchase the voucher and use it at any time after the pre-sales have been met - your plate does NOT need to be up for renewal!

We'll email you when the required pre-sale minimum has been met, with instructions on how to apply your pre-sale voucher to pick up your new plate. Our goal is to reach 3,000 before summer 2021 ends!


This project is a statewide community effort - sharing helps. Get your plate using the form below! Full details here.


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Proceeds from the sale of the Florida childhood cancer specialty license plate benefit two nonprofits. The Beat Childhood Cancer Foundation is a collaborative parent-founded organization driving clinical trials and research in 50 children's hospitals across North America. The Ryan Callahan Foundation brings unforgettable experiences to children battling cancer to elevate each family’s hopes and spirit.

Order your Plate

The Florida specialty license plate for childhood cancer has been authorized by Florida Statute 320.08058 for pre-sale. You will not receive a physical voucher. We send your pre-sale program information to the DMV through an authorized Florida Tax Collector. Your voucher is associated with your Florida driver's license number.

The $35 pre-sale charge on includes a $5 processing fee, a service charge and branch fee of $3, a $2 convenience fee covering credit card and handling fees, and the $25 annual use fee for the specialty license plate. All other applicable registration fees are charged at the time the license plate is actually issued. is managed by the Beat Childhood Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) whose EIN is 27-2314549.


When the license plate on the presale voucher becomes authorized, your voucher can only be used with the issuance of that specific license plate; which can be processed at the time the license plate becomes available or when the customer’s current license plate is renewed. If the plate fails to meet the presale voucher requirements within the two-year period of October 16, 2020 – October 15, 2022 the plate will not be manufactured and you may apply the presale voucher towards a different specialty license plate or apply for a refund for the specialty license plate fee only. Form HSMV 83363 is used to apply for a refund.

FLHSMV may de-authorize this specialty license plate and discontinue its issuance if the number of valid specialty license plate registrations falls below 3,000 valid registrations for at least 12 consecutive months. If the plate associated with the presale voucher meets the voucher minimum but is subsequently de-authorized before the voucher is used, the voucher cannot be used towards a different specialty plate or be refunded.

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